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Welcome to our site......


Another year has passed and here I am, FINALLY updating our family website.


Tons going on and as usual, we are all running around doing a bunch of different things.  Since this isn’t updated routinely, be sure to check up on our more current past times on facebook.

The kids are doing fantastic!!!  They are getting so big and acting so grown up.  Ethan is our little man and always helping out.  Lizzie is continuing to be our little Diva; and Evan (my little baby - shhh don’t tell him that I said that) will be 5 next month and starting school in August.

I am currently working on my business and getting things ready to start an accredited online school.  I am very excited about this!!!!



Omar is still the UDM at his work, but is definitely ready for a big change!!!  He’s also looking into the American Military University to finish up his degree work for when he retires - which isn’t soon enough.

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